Laravel Task Todo Project

Laravel Task Todo Project Introduction

Laravel Task is a simple beginner user-friendly web application. Therefore, this application provides a basic task list that we want to accomplish and this will help starters learn about the basic concepts of laravel.

This application allows users to add, delete, and also edit those tasks. Its purpose is to keep a record of tasks that are complete and incomplete. However, being a basic application, it doesn’t have a notification feature.

Project Features

  • Create, delete as well as update tasks.
  • User authentication, login, and registration.
  • Filter tasks based on their status (complete or incomplete).
  • Table list of all available tasks with details.

Project Snapshots

Dashboard Page

Project Installation Process

git clone laravel-tasks
cd laravel-tasks
composer install
cp .env.example .env
php artisan key:generate
php artisan migrate --seed
php artisan serve

Alternatively, you can download the project from here. You might be interested in exploring other laravel projects available free of cost on this website.

Asmit Nepali, a Full Stack Developer, holds a Software Engineering degree from Gandaki College of Engineering and Science. Proficient in PHP Laravel, Vue.js, MySQL, Tailwind, Figma, and Git, he possesses a robust technical skill set.

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