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Larablog – Laravel Blogging Project

Larablog – Simple Beginner Blogging in Laravel 7

Larablog is a simple web blogging application built with laravel. Laravel is a powerful framework for creating complex web applications. Therefore, the web development process a lot easier and faster without sacrificing crucial application functionality.

This project is can be very helpful for beginner developers who are learning laravel to improve their skills in web development. Moreover, this project consists of basics and guidelines for building your first application. For example OOP MVC, user authentication, artisan console, eloquent ORM, blade templating engine, etc.

Features of Simple Larablog

  • Post with category and comments.
  • User authentication with login and registration.
  • Simple search functionality sidebar widget.
  • Dashboard side with CRUD for posts, categories, and comments.
larablog 3
larablog 1

Steps for installation

To install the project, simply clone github repository or download in the link below.

git clone simple-larablog
cd simple-larablog
cp .env.example .env
composer install
php artisan key:generate
php artisan migrate

// if you want dummy data and users to ge generated
php artisan db:seed 

Alternatively, you can also download the project from here.

Admin Login Information

Finally, if you db:seed through artisan command. Then, you can login using login info below.

email: admin@
password: admin
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