Inventory Management System – Laravel 7

The inventory management system is a web application that manages inventory and stock systems, sales, transactions for small businesses. Also, This application has a rich UI interface which provides valuable statistics about sales, products, income, expenses, and transactions.

Beginners as well as intermediate developers can learn a lot from it. In general, this application controls most of the activities of a small organization. Therefore, this program is simple as well as informative for a business that requires selling products.

Some features of inventory management system are:

  • Register products, categories, receipts, users, and others.
  • Reports and statistics on income and expenditure.
  • Manage sales, payments, and transactions.
  • View clients’ payment history.

Here are some snippets of the system:

Inventory Management System Homepage
Inventory Management System Transaction Stats
Transaction Stats
Inventory Management System Inventory Stats
Inventory Stats
Inventory Management System Login Stats
Login Page

Installation Steps:

git clone
cd laravel-inventory
composer install
cp .env.example .env
php artisan migrate
php artisan key:generate
php artisan storage:link
php artisan serve

Alternatively, you can download project from here.

Enjoy learning and coding 🙂 and also be sure to check out our other projects as well.

49 thoughts on “Inventory Management System – Laravel 7”

  1. Hi, awesome Basic project! Love this.
    Do you have a youtube / video tutorial, in which you are explaining the development?
    Or are you able to do this for the community?
    Kind Regards!

  2. Good Job !
    Which ID and PASS should I use to first login..??!!
    It’s not working with the default “root” in localhost..!!

    Thanks with regards

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    669| // lot more helpful to the developer instead of just the database’s errors.
    670| catch (Exception $e) {
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  5. Could you please tell me, is there any way to record the purchase? there is options for sale but I haven’t found the option of purchase.

  6. I just wanted to let you know about this template, that im grateful, its a nice template for a financial-based project. Im using this for a project im doing. I have added a Balance module; Currency module (convert to use any currency you prefer), pdf generation of cash flow statement, balance sheet, income statement; Decision support system (still under review for more functionality).


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