E-commerce Laravel – Demo Laravel 7 Application

In simple words, e-commerce is buying and selling of goods through internet means. There has been vast development in e-commerce since its introduction in the market. Buying and selling of goods has been a lot easier because of it.

E-commerce laravel was developed using latest Laravel 7. This project is simple yet very educational. It uses MVC as it’s base architecture for development. As a result, it’s coding architecture is clean and simple to understand.

It has almost every important features that a good ecommerce website should have. Some of those features are here below:

  • Users can view all added products according to categories
  • It also has add to cart and checkout feature
  • Users can also saved items for later
  • Online payment system using Stripe

Some snapshots of this website is here below:

Steps for installation:

git clone laravel7-ecommerce
cd Laravel7-ecommerce
cp .env.example .env
composer install
php artisan key:generate
php artisan migrate

// if you want dummy data and users to get generated
php artisan db:seed

Alternatively, you can download project from here.

As the program is still in beta stage be sure to get update for new features. 😉

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